Safety System

As a rule, the safety system is to come into action after the alarm system has operated.

Safety system of individual automated machinery is to operate when parameters exceed their limit values and is to cover all foreseeable fault conditions, assumed with regard to characteristics and operational properties of machinery concerned.

Safety system of internal combustion engines operating due to lubricating oil pressure drop and safety system of steam boilers operating due to low water level are to be independent of alarm and indicating systems, including the sensors.

Safety system of main internal combustion engine which may have influence upon manoeuvrability of the ship is to be provided with switching off facilities.

The switching off device is to be of such design as to exclude the possibility of its unintentional use and in case of safety system being switched off its position is to be indicated by means of a special signal. The switching off device need not cover safety system operating due to lubricating oil pressure drop.